Silent Survivor – Deborah Shlian’s Pre-Launch Book Talk


Silent Survivor” by Deborah Shlian, my new medical mystery/thriller, is officially out next Tuesday.

Today, I had a chance to speak at the Institute of Learning in Retirement (ILIR), at the Boca Raton Communuty Center.

A terrific group, comprised of mostly women, who are avid readers. We had a lively discussion about the writing process!

Everyone bought a book, which is great, since all profits from sales of “Silent Survivor” are going to charities that aid veterans with PTSD as well as organizations that help women survivors of sexual assault.

I’m looking forward to their reviews!

Order your copy of Silent Survivor in paperback or Kindle today!  My next scheduled book talk in Southeast Florida will be at the Boca Raton Library. Come and meet me there!