Chinese music was our inspiration for “Rabbit in the Moon” thriller

We’ve been asked to think of who we’d like to see in the roles of the characters we’ve created in our novel, Rabbit in the Moon and in fact, we are working on that for a new website called My Book, The Movie. Frankly, with the exception of Lili, we didn’t focus as much on what film star should play what part.

Instead, we got our inspiration from Chinese music. As we were writing our book, we listened to Karen (Hua-Qi) Han’s gorgeous erhu (see picture above) playing

Karen happens to be a dear friend and some of the inspiration for our main character, Lili Quan, as well as the person to whom we dedicated our book. As Karen herself says, the 2000-year-old Chinese violin has a voice-like quality that evokes Eastern cultural traditions.

If a movie is made, we hope Karen will play (and perhaps compose) the music. She has been a featured musician in just about every Hollywood movie score that requires the erhu including The Joy Luck Club, The Last Emperor and Kung Fu Panda. Here’s a link to her playing the theme of that film:

It is also Karen playing on our book trailer.